Obsession Confession: The Monastero Twins- Gay Canadian Sexiness Times Two

Somehow, my entangled Youtube threads arrived at the channel of The Monastero Twins, Adam and Luke…and I am so grateful. The Monastero Twins are two early twenty-something fraternal twins who recently started making Youtube videos together and have quickly racked up a following.

The first video that captured my attention was their double coming out video, now at over 1 million views, where they announced to their parents (dad Monastero was eating a piece of chicken the entire time) that they were both gay. In the intro to the video they say that their parents have an inkling about Luke being gay but no idea Adam is.

“You’re both gay?” The incredulous reaction from their mom quickly shifted from surprise  to questions and ultimately, acceptance. The  brothers’ solidarity and self-awareness is endearing.

What’s else is there to love about the Monastero brothers? I break it down:

*They look really different, but are both equally cute: Nerd-chic redhead Luke, swarthy Mediterranean Adam. Something for everyone.

*Their adorable ordinariness. Although they play it up in skits, they are naturals on camera and are refreshingly real. Very comfortable in their skins, they play off of each other so well.

*Those Canadian accents…nuff said.

*Unabashed love for their parents. Adam and Luke are close to their parents (your’e the best parents ever!) and divulge their parents’ love of reading comments on their Youtube page before bed. Look out for a segment where they interview them and you will fall in love with the whole family.

I can’t fully put into words why I love watching the Monastero’s but I’m obsessed! See what started my Monastero Madness below:

Adam and Luke’s coming out


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