Freelance Freaky Friday: Where Freelance Fears Are Debunked and Dumped

Don't be scurred

Let’s be clear: I’m new to freelancing. That is, being a complete and total free agent. For a number of years I worked on writing on a contract basis alongside a “regular” job. I’ve newly made the complete freelance leap. Although I’m not an expert, I know freelancing is not for the faint of heart.

It’s no secret that the job market and work culture has changed in the U.S. and globally. Freelancing has become less mystifying and more a viable option. However, the fear of failure, or of not having any money can be paralyzing. Which doesn’t help anything. Worry, fear and anxiety won’t help you, and certainly won’t help your clients.

So, in this Friday segment, I work on exploring ways to soothe your freelancin’ heart.

Today’s question comes from a freelancer who wishes to remain anonymous:

Dear The Rebel Desk: Since leaving my corporate job, I’ve had a hard time transitioning. I’ve been pretty disciplined about getting work done and sometimes have to stop myself from working too long, but I find myself feeling guilty for being able to do things like go take a walk in the middle of the day, or a nap even if I stay up late to meet deadlines. Yesterday, I even had a beer at 11:00 am. Can I really get ahead working this way or am I just being lazy? 

Friend: The freelance life is a trade-off. While you must self-manage and it can be difficult to find the ways in which you work best, don’t feel guilty about taking some time to recharge or reflect or handle family duties. Only you know when is the optimal time for you to get work done. So, chill out and drink that beer. I recommend that you drink below 40 oz. during a weekday, no more than two and not while proofing your work.

Might I suggest a Central Californian craft beer favorite of mine: Firestone Walker 805



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