Saralynne Precht, co-proprietress of Treehaus

When Saralynne Precht and Michelle Pedersen first met, they developed a bond over their children. Over the years, their friendship hatched an idea: to curate locally crafted goods, becoming mobile merchants. They started out with a vintage VW bus and were soon selling at local craft fairs and outside at LACMA. I wandered into their cheery space this past weekend and was greeted by Saralynne who is herself, just as cheery.

The idea for a storefront has been in works for a year. Finally, the dream became a reality which the two women called Treehaus. It had its grand opening last week and Saralynne was excited tell me about the new space (with its incredible custom-designed tree stump desk) and crafted goods.

They looked for just the right location and found it in Atwater Village. Atwater Village is an interesting commerce hub at the tip of Glendale, hugging Los Feliz. It is one part upscale mixed with half the Valley and a dash of Eastside cool thrown in. The surrounding neighborhood is at a crossroads, even for mutt-mix L.A.; standing apart as all at once urban and achingly Andy Griffith.

But really, it comes down two friends doing what they love making a living. Always mothers, always entrepreneurs. When a large space opened up in a coveted row of small businesses along Glendale Blvd, they pounced. In an ingenious move and in something I’m seeing more businesses do in high rent areas these days, Treehaus split the larger space in two, sharing the rent with Los Angeles Funeral Service, probably the most inviting funeral services company I’ve ever encountered. Perfect for the modern Angeleno’s um…death needs. Buy a throw pillow then go next door secure your plot.

Saralynne says its just fits her and Michelle’s sometimes macabre aesthetic. Both women are visualists, photographers and it shows with a store that is clean; punctuated by brightly colored touchable things. Merchandise-wise humor abounds but doesn’t overwhelm. There is plenty of cute: vintage-inspired toys and handmade animal slippers nothing too cloying. The jewelry is tasteful with abstract geometric and delicate pieces. Some of my favorites were boldly-painted wooden pieces made by Michelle herself.

The best thing Treehaus has going for it besides locally made goodies is a decided un-pretentiousness. The products fit right into the handcrafted arts revolution taking hold over Los Angeles the last few years.

Two friends who love beautiful things and decided sell them make them.
How simple. How wonderful.

For more information:
3229b Glendale Blvd.
twitter: TreehausLA


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