What do you get when you mix a highly feminine voice with a touch of a Gwen Stefani bleat at the end of airy top notes with Bob Dylan Doppelganger looks and a personality that conjures up a Brooklyn street urchin with plenty of Ralph Macchio moxie?


My joy at stumbling upon this singer/songwriter wonder woman wielder of the ukulele lies in the idea of what she portends in modern pop music: a true artist who understands the business side of music.  Exciting, hard to define, yet solid in her songwriting capabilities, she is a contradiction while remaining familiar and relatable as twenty year old Doc Martens.

L.P. is someone who is entirely herself while not being afraid or ashamed of making a living as an artist; whether that be gaining early ground as the singer/songwriter of the song featured  in the epic Citibank commercial “Into the Wild”-think mountain climbers + “somebody left the gate ooooooopen”…or penning commercial hits for Rihanna (Cheers, Drink to That), Christina Aguilera (Beautiful People from Burlesque) and The Backstreet Boys (Love Will Keep You Up All Night). 

I’ve been listening to her latest single in rotation on 88.5 KCSN ( a fabulously eclectic station out of Cal State Northridge.  “Night Like This” off of her upcoming album ‘Forever for Now’, is an uplifting love song featuring her enchanting vocal idiosyncrasies and Shakespeare sonnet-like lyrics.

Take a listen and fall in love:

‘Forever for Now’ will be released on June 3rd, 2014. More info can be found abut L.P. aka Laura Pergolizzi on her website


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