ON THE FORK: Sorry vegans! I’m here at the soft launch of Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese. A good basic grilled cheese will set you back only about $3 which is like normally what a pack of gum costs here in LA-so good deal. It looks like a menu just foodie enough but without any perceived pretension. That I was able to witness anyway. Open until 9pm weeknights, it is a welcome late night food edition east of Fairfax. Named after famed chef Eric Greenspan, known for his comfort food, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese is his love letter to those who want good food on the go.  I have word they will be providing their signature grilled cheese sandwiches on a special menu for The Melrose Umbrella Company located right next door. The Melrose Umbrella Company has decor which will transport you to a post prohibition speakeasy.  It has taken the space long occupied by his previous restaurant, The Foundry.

At Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, the outspoken chef’s signature grilled cheese “The Champ” is on the menu. It is wham-pow of a sandwich composed of raisin walnut bread, taleggio cheese, beef short ribs, apricot caper purée and dried tomato.

Although I apologized to vegans in my intro, the apology just applies to the cheese part as the staff informed me the delicately flavored tomato soup is vegan and there are several salad options. The shop is bright and modern and designed with street foodist in mind by Spacecraft the same design in-house construction firm that imagined Kitchen 24 and 3 Dog Cantina. Most notably, there is no seating whatsoever, just a long countertop for standing. The food is served in  Chinese takeoutish boxes that promote eating and walking… or eating and standing. A good encouragement to start working off all the comfort food calories. 

When I was little I was consistently delighted by grilled cheese. I pronounced it “gorilla cheese” and ordered it whenever and wherever I could. Now that I’m grown up, I might want to some sophistication with my sourdough but it will always be “gorilla cheese” to me…and I think Greenspan wouldn’t mind at all. 

Partial menu: 

Grilled Cheese Selections 

“Classic” White bread and american cheese    $3.25

“Buffalo Blue” Sourdough, aged white cheddar, apple mustard chutney, pastrami.                                                           $7.50

“The Med” Challah bread, goat cheese, tomato, artichoke, roast peppers, avocado.                                                           $7.75

“Yours” Any bread with any cheese add meat or avocado veg or spread.             $4.00 plus $1-$2 for add-ons. 

Vegan/Vegetarian options (partial list) 

“The Rocket” Argula, cherry tomato, red onion, lemon vinaigrette, cheddar cheese.                                                         $6.50

“Green and Blue” Kale salad, candied nuts, sliced apples, blue cheese croutons.                                                      $7.75

Tomato basil soup **vegan**    $4.00 for bowl, $3.00 for cup, $1.00 for as a side.  

Latke bites with apple crème fraiche:          $3.25      


“The Elvis” White bread, banana, peanut butter, goal cheese $5.50 add bacon $1.00

Smores  Classically prepared                   $3.25 


Seltzer   Blood orange creamsicle, Key lime Rickey, Passionfruit Peach, Green Apple Ginger, Pineapple Cassis      All $3.00        

For more info and a complete menu: 



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