ON THE STAND: My start in writing came from an opportunity that fell out of the sky-(rather the twitter verse) to write about watches. Over time, I’ve learned that telling time-something we now take for granted, is a science of sorts constantly being improved upon by the first watchmakers-people who were obsessed with perfecting the art of mechanics. These tiny machines are works of art inside and out. Watches are an art form and are increasingly appreciated as such. Tomorrow marks the last day of Baselworld-the preeminent watch and jewelry trade show. Fittingly, Jewels of Time, a spellbinding hardcover table book, illustrates the incredible pieces the greatest watchmakers have come up with. Curated by award winning watch journalist Roberta Naas, the book explores the diverse and complicated world of women’s watches. Inside are interviews with notables in the watchmaking world and insights into the watchmaking process. This beautifully rendered book takes you through the history of women’s watches: from the watch Amelia Earhart wore as she flew across the world (Omega chronograph) to the one Queen Elizabeth II wore at her coronation (Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso). You’ll be amazed at these tiny worlds of wonder and how they have been, over time, inspired by “art, architecture and fashion”. It has an artistic layout, beautiful font and inspiring quotes. A gem of an art book. Pictured on the cover is a stunning diamond covered Piaget creation. This book is a great place to intro into the magical world of watchmaking. 


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