It’s Gettin’ Calor in Here

IN THE POD: I was all set to write about Arctic Monkeys this week but my plans were derailed when while driving, my hand paused at Exitos 93.9 FM.

That’s when things got muy caliente real fast in my Fiat. I heard a soaring orchestral melody, a smooth male voice and then…could it be? The golden tuberías (pipes) of Christina Aguilera.

What I stumbled upon was “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” a love ballad with a title that translates to “Today I Have Desire for You.” Ay Dios mío!

Originally recorded and released in 1976 by Spanish singer Miguel Gallardo, this version is a duet between Ms. Aguilera and the very popular Mexican pop and ranchera singer Alejandro Fernández who is the son of legendary ranchera singer Vicente Fernández.

It is soaring and emotive, lush and gorgeous. Borderline treacly, it is given weight by the restraint and seeming mastery of the duet form by Christina.

Lately it seems either she has taken her critics to heart-that her vocal chops while impressive can often be over the top-or she is simply enjoying herself; collaborating with other artists and showcasing her musical mastery.

In any case, whatever the reason, their harmonies together and the lack of over singing and subtle melisma  is what makes this track so special.

Released this past May, the Phil Ramone produced single is available on Fernández’s latest album “Confidencias” and appropriately can be heard as the theme song to the telenovela “La Tempestad”.

Here you can check out the dramatic video by Colombian music video auteur Simon Brand:

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep my own “ganas” in check as I listen.


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