Music Monday: Melody Michalski in New York Snow

Every year, new Christmas songs are released with the challenge being  to capture the spirit of the season while remaining contemporary. Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Melody Michalski just released a single for the holidays “New York Snow”, an upbeat pop tune that could easily be listened to year round.

Melody and her writing partner’s hopes for the single include eventual winter ad, t.v. or movie placements. Its accompanying video has a high production value and an adorable Meg Ryanesque romantic comedy storyline- it perfectly showcases her sweet camera-ready persona. 

At only twenty-four years old, she has already spent a lifetime honing her craft. Her southern (South Carolina) family was a musical one. She developed her vocal skills singing three part harmonies with her cousins and by the age of seven was composing her own songs on the piano. 

Her flexible jazz-tinged tone is a testament to influences ranging from Chopin to The Beatles, gospel Artist Crystal Lewis, Coldplay to Beyoncé.

The video for “New York Snow” was just accepted into rotation on VH1 India (mērī krisamasa!). She is working on getting her first EP together and also will start recording with her folk/blues project Found in the Flood so it will be a busy 2014 for Melody. You can stay up to date on her projects by clicking “like” on



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