Frugal Fashion Friday Quick Tip: Don’t Fake It (Or If You’re Going To, Do It Right)

Its very tempting to buy that really really good knock off Louis Vuitton or Prada. But don’t do it. Here’s why: 

True lovers of luxury understand that most knockoffs replicate the most obvious or iconic motifs of a brand. I’m still seeing remnants of that Louis Vuitton colors monogram here and there…mmm hmmm THAT one. 


I say this while owning owning two Chanel and Louis Vuitton monogrammed items which may possibly be real but look (and smell) like they are from the seventies and I got them from the thrift shop. 

If you splurge on something from a fashion powerhouse like Louis, Prada or Gucci (like a wallet or a keychain) dare to look for their designs that aren’t an instant signifier. How thrilling to have a little piece of luxury that is understated. Trust me, people who know and care about quality will know and those who don’t…do you really need them to know?

If you absolutely cannot buy from a luxury brand without getting something that screams it-my advice would be to spend the money on therapy instead…which unfortunately is not monogrammable. 

I just had to go to the fashion confessional in that one. My main point, is don’t get too intoxicated by the obvious. 

If you don’t have much money and still want to try to look refined, its all in the details, and those details can be anonymous and they can be very cheap. 

Where you have to sacrifice is on the actual physical material, or maybe quantity. What you don’t have to sacrifice on is design. There are plenty of inexpensive products out there that are designed by someone who is just starting out, or who has an eye. Someone at that big horrible box store or teen jewelry chain has good taste. Even if its one buyer or one designer. 

Case in point: Claire’s boutique is an inexpensive iconic mall jewelry chain. As a grown woman going into Claire’s can feel like going back in time. They have two for one deals and you can walk out with jewelry for $4-$6.

Here is a Claire’s find from a few months ago:


My taste might be different from yours that’s okay these tips can apply to any aesthetic- here are a few quick tips to looks for good design on the cheap:

It doesn’t feel cheap. Even if the material will eventually tarnish or isn’t the best material, it doesn’t feel cheap to the touch. The lines are clean, the surface is unblemished and it feels textured or has some tactile quality.   

It doesn’t look cheap. There are no obvious defects, no chipped or peeling parts and the design elements are finished. 

-The design is visually interesting or appealing and you would buy it if it were in a luxury material. I would purchase the same design of these earrings in gold or even brass. I ask myself that question a lot. Would I buy this if it were better quality? Would I buy this non label if it were a label?

You can end up spending a lot of money if you are purchasing inexpensive items frequently. Saving money isn’t just about not buying luxury when you can’t afford it-and most of the time you can afford even a little taste of the luxe-but its about honing your taste so that anything you bring in-whether its $2 or $200 is an accurate reflection of you. 


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