Frugal Fashion Friday: Shapes Aren’t Just For Sesame Street

Sometimes I feel very lucky that the FDJ (Fabulous Day Job) does not call for formal office wear or even the dreaded fashion kiss of death-office casual. No one can ever give me a proper definition for what it is –office causal- exactly… except that it somehow always involves khaki and collared shirts. 

My FDJ is also on Melrose so its allowed for a little more experimentation. Bold graphic prints are usually the stuff of skinny girls and Elmo, but when I saw this dramatic black and red triangle bias-cut dress I knew there was some way to get my shape to work with those funky shapes. 


I’m not sure what you would call this look I came up with-but I like it. Part librarian, part galactic warrior part glam punk. I love the triangles on this dress and how they are more abstract. The extreme bias cut is very trendy but you can always temper it with other pieces to fit your taste. 

I just so happened to have some triangle earrings which do a really good job of reflecting the motif without being redundant. The dress is not tailored, which is good for a more full figured (aka plus sized) person like myself. It fits me and flows over the stomach area I have issues with it but I can also  I can define it with a belt. Here, I am using my grandfather’s necktie as a belt, I often pair this dress with gold flats and a gold braided belt. 


Here’s the Breakdown:

Metallic triangle earrings: $20 or under from the LA County Fair from a couple of years ago.

Bias cut triangle dress: $15 from Heavenly Couture on Larchmont Ave. where everything in the store is $15 or less-mostly very fashion forward pieces. Obviously not the best quality but you can find good stuff if you hunt around and try on the clothes! $15 clothes that aren’t vintage aren’t as well made so its important to try before buying.

Black fringed witches boots: My latest find from Crossroads on Melrose. You can see the detailing on these shoes from an earlier post this week. My staple store where I find nearly everything I wear. All their stuff is used, so when buying used shoes look at the soles and make sure they are either never or hardly worn. Used shoes are not worth it unless they aren’t worn or you are prepared to refurbish them. $15. Design by Jacobies. 

Have a fun weekend…less is more even if you po’!

Thanks to Erin Chumas for photography assistance.


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