HYT Watches-A New Era in Watchmaking…Thanks Dad!

I have watches and water on the brain right now.  Baselworld 2013 (basically the biggest fine watchmaking trade show) took place last week in Switzerland. Since starting to write about watches four years ago, I went from nearly zero interest in to an appreciation of the art form, beauty and technical innovation of timepieces. 

In today’s world of get it now, eat it now, wear it now, true luxury is in things which are well crafted, beautiful and singular in statement. 

That isn’t to say its all stuffy wood-paneled room. Watch connoisseurs know that brilliant strides have been made in innovative design and out-of-the box  creative thinking both aesthetically with amazing feats in jewelry and gemsetting-Piaget, Cartier and Chopard come to mind, but also in movement and watch technology.

There is a whole new timeteller in town that my engineer dad brought to my attention. Makes sense, since this is a watch that could only be properly executed by an engineer. It is the world’s first hydro-mechanical watch using fluid mechanics in conjunction with fine watchmaking. image

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how it all works, but lets just say that fluid and fine watchmaking are not supposed to mix and a whole lot of smart people got together to make this crazy fun watch. This new company is helmed by its colorful CEO and spokesperson Vincent Perriard. 

Pricepoint = about one small vacation cabin in Big Bear, CA.

Enjoy their official Baselworld 2013 video:



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