Red Carpet Frugal Fashion Friday + How to Approach a Celebrity in Five Easy Steps

Two blogs in one! I am in the giving spirit for this frugal fashion Friday. Its been an exciting week. I’m sure by now you know as I have facelinktweetumblgramed about it enough that I was privileged to attend the Indpendent Spirit Awards in February. It was quite a big deal to me as I have spent the past four years heating up the front desk at mah fabulous day job while working at the writing-the dreaming the scheming. I’m ramping up my efforts and it is paying off little by little. So let’s get down to business: 

The question posed is WHAT TO WEAR when you are invited to a red carpet event and you still aren’t making the red carpet dollabills?

The short answer is treat it like any other day where you manage with high and low pieces, creativity and rewearing in new ways. The key is a little pre-planning.  So we are going to break down my look for the Spirit Awards: 



KNOW THE EVENT. Not every red carpet event is the same. In fact this event has a pink carpet. The Spirit awards are known as the “fun Oscars”. Its always the day before the Oscars on a beach in Santa Monica in a tent.

LOOK AT PAST RED CARPET PHOTOS. By looking at previous red carpet photos of the Spirit Awards I noticed that the top celebs were of course wearing expensive high fashion pieces and jewels (I myself was a guest of the venerable fine jewelry and watch house and Spirit awards sponsor Piaget), the dresses were shorter, the looks were edgier, the colors were brighter. In short, high fashion yet more irreverent, casual and edgy.

KNOW YOUR ROLE. I was invited as a member of the press, reporting on the event for the luxury watch magazine.I had a job to do. I would be conducting a high profile interview in the morning where I wanted to look professional and then would be on my feet for a good portion of the time before the awards ceremony, I never wanted to appear or be uncomfortable so flats were in order. I didn’t to wear anything too trendy or show too much skin. 

GET YOUR HAIR & NAILS DID  I usually do my own nails, but for an event like this, especially when I am not going out and buying a whole new outfit, having a pro do the job gives you that extra confidence. Nails by Moon Nails on Melrose and hair by Jose Calderon who works at Plaid in Hollywood. Extra props to Jose for hiding my crazy ass roots. 

PICK A COLOR SCHEME or STYLE CONCEPT: This makes things a little easier shop from your own closet and take some of the pressure offI chose black gold and white. The gold got me excited and I knew I had some black and white pieces that could work. 

GET ONE NEW THING. I actually got three-but two were extra cheap! The one new thing were the gold flats, the other gold flats I have are a little worn looking and I wanted the gold to stand out. 

Finally the BREAKDOWN:

$10: GOLD BEAD NECKLACE from Cost Plus Worldmarket.

$15ish gold geometric cuff from WASTELAND on Melrose. 

$15ish: VINTAGE WOOL PAUL STANLEY I. MAGNIN jacket from Community Thrift Store in Covina.

$30ish: WHITE ASOS dress worn first worn at my wedding reception in July. 

$10: GOLD MEDAL leggings from Walgreens.

$10ish: Vintage CHANEL chain bag again from the good ‘ol Community Thrift store in Covina (looks and feels real so maybe it is?!) 

$50: LUCKY BRAND gold leather flats. 

Total cost (not including grooming) around $175.00. 

When you are dressing for a special event, and you don’t have a stylist or the money to look like you do-allow for imperfections. I wish I had dyed my hair and that I had lost a little more weight to look better in the dress…but I did the best I could within my budget. The pressure to look the part is real and its important-you want to stand out and look the part  when you  are trying to make it happen-but if you spend more than what you’ve got-your’e kind of defeating the purpose. 


This past week I met the very handsome Davey Havok lead singer of the band AFI in the Weho Whole Foods. I really liked his style and was able to chat him up and snap a picture for the blog (scroll down for previous post). He was super nice and all but it helped that I didn’t recognize him for shit before I got to my car and it hit me. Well, whether you recognize them at first or not, here’s some tips on how to approach a celeb.


1) ACTUALLY BE SHOPPING or whatever the hell it is you are there to do. Don’t go on celebrity safaris. If you want to shop at Kitson, shop at Kitson, but don’t go just to scope. Only place that’s allowed is the Ivy. The reason being is you for one don’t want to be douchetastic, and for two, multitasking hello don’t you need groceries or clothes or whatever?

2)  DO A RECONNAISSANCE mission. Think you spy a known face? Do a once around the cheese aisle before the approach. This will not only give you time to calm down but to assess. There are a lot of people who look like people in LA so you want to be sure. Also, if they are with their kids or look attitudey abort the mission-its not worth it. 

3) APPROACH. The approach is a delicate thing that should be different depending on who the celebrity is. The “I’m pretending I don’t know you but I really do” technique is advanced so don’t try it the first go round. You have a legit thing like a blog? Compliment them on their style, ask permission for a photo or quote or whatever, be polite and offer your business card so they can check it out. If you don’t have a blog or something like it, tell them in a very genuine way that you enjoy their work and thank them. Be specific about what you like (show, song, album etc) and pick just one or two things which leads to…

4) KEEP IT SHORT. They are doing errands  and don’t want you blathering on. Plus, you are somebody too! You have a life and need to get to it. Time is money unless Johnny Depp wants to take you out to lunch. 

5) STAY GENUINE at ALL TIMES. Don’t approach a celebrity you are ambivalent about, whose work you don’t care about or just don’t like.  You cheapen the mission.

Celebrities are people and they aren’t anymore special than you or me. What makes SOME of them intriguing is what makes all passionate people exciting: their work, their contribution.  

Until we facelinktweetumblgram again ..I am rolling up the pink carpet!




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