Frugal Fashion Friday

Hello all my style happy ones! Today I present to you Frugal Fashion Friday where I breakdown the discount style of myself or a friend, demonstrating that there is no excuse for giving up, when fashion can be found everywhere. 

When thinking of what to wear (usually about 10 minutes before I head out the door), I start with color: what color am I feeling? What’s my aura asking for what’s my chakra craving? What the hell will distract people from the bags under my eyes??!!

 With today’s outfit, I really wanted to wear greens and blues but was all dressed out  (stressed out from dresses) having worn my two go-to green/blue dresses earlier this week. That left me with the bright green cardigan. Ahhhhhh! A green oasis in the form of a cardigan. Nothing says grown up lady like a cardigan, but not when its whampow green!

I can no longer fit into my jeans (working on that) so that leaves me with skirts and leggings. That’s where the temperature comes in: leggings. 

Alright, so here’s the photo and the approximate price breakdown and about how long I have had each piece:

Glasses: One of two I own from Warby Parker. Their glasses including frames are usually $99, I got a little crazy, these are from their Titanium line, $125.00.

Earrings: I’ve decided for my face shape that mid size or small dangly earrings look best for everyday use, unless they are my anchor piece. It is hard to see the detail on them, but they are $20.00 from a museum store in Arizona. 

translation: anchor piece=article of clothing that the whole look is built around. My anchor piece is the cardigan, as I chose the scarf color based off of the cardigan choice. 

Scarf: Birthday gift from Hannah-thanks Hannah! Free, the best price.

Green cardigan: The star of the show. Vince Camuto, under $30.00 and  from Crossroads. Most of my clothing comes from this consignment-like upcycled clothing store. 

translation: upcycled=clothes way too awesome to be recycled but at that used clothing discount price!

And now…we get to the basics…but that word is so boring for those clothes in neutral colors that act like the frame for the rest of your clothes . Here at Po’Fashionista we don’t do basic we do…basique..because everything sounds better with a French accent. 

Okay so…I’m coming fast and furious here: Sleeveless demi-collared black shirt from the George line at Wal-Mart (back when I was shopping at Wal-Mart) under $20.00. I have had this for years and love it because its very sturdy, the color has held up and it is defined under the bust. I”m even wearing this thing when I interviewed the CEO of Hamilton watches, no shame in the frugal game.

Leggings: from the Gold Medal brand at Walgreen’s…yes Walgreen’s! About $10.00. Long lasting quality and opaque (non see through). 

Finally the boots a slim fitting boot is so versatile. Mine are Franco Sarto around $60.00 from Nordstrom Rack, a great place if you are craving a little luxury for less.

Total: Under $300.00. 

I hope you have enjoyed this first Frugal Fashion Friday…and remember to live in the more even if you’re poor!



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