My Lipstick, My Prozac

My dogs had a poop explosion this morning, I was running like I usually do, late for my apparently nonexistent counseling appointment. I’m sitting in this noisy ass fashion parade Starbucks  (I did see Bill Mahr in here once though) frantically trying to calm myself down before I really have to suppress my bad attitude at the jail… I mean job.

So, what is keeping me going? Is it my love for my amazing husband? My extensive back catalog of Oprah catchphrases? NO!!! Its this mother effing lipstick. 

Overpriced lipids and colored animal fats it may be, but this bold lipstick makes me feel like the movie star I never became. 

It says…who dares to wear this color? I do!! Who paints this pale whiteness with a streak of  pink rarely found this side of the Amazon? ME!! Me!! Badass me and its mine. All mine!! This tube of glory.

Always on the hunt for a lipstick with magical powers, I think I’ve found a new favorite. Working as a no name at the front desk of a music school has its perks, namely meeting all sorts of people in the fashion and beauty industries. 

One of the families that comes to the school owns a spa and they have been making their own line of natural skincare products and make-up for over 30 years. 

They just released a line of lipsticks they have been busy perfecting for much of those years, and ooh baby this thing is cremey without being flaky, bold and long-lasting. Almost dare I say, better than MAC. Not to mention you can actually meet the people that make it. Not outsourced, they have their own lab and manufacture their products themselves. 

I think its a pretty good deal, a twofer if you will: for the price of one lipstick you  get the same benefits of low dosage Prozac or Buspar.

Located on Third Street near The Grove, you can find more information at


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