Wear that Gold!

This is for my close amiga Erin, who was asking if blondes can wear rose gold. Of course you can! In my opinion rose gold, also referred to as red gold which is a percentage of pure gold mixed with copper (how the color is achieved), acts as a neutral and blends in with the tones of blush colored pink or white skin.  After a long time of shunning gold colored jewelry (I don’t have much of the real thing), I have finally warmed up literally to the magic of gold and rose gold accessories when I realized that the right tone can work as a highlight and offset to my skin tone. Think of it a blush, bronzer or highlights, it catches the light in all the right spotsbrings a glow to your hands or neck.  

Another tip,  is to not mix or at least to carefully mix your costume jewelry with any real jewelry (and if your a real pobrecita maybe its just your fillings!).

I prefer one or two accessories only anyway, but when mixing high and low, I feel it doesn’t look as pulled together to mix costume and fake. The extra nice pieces can call attention to the fact that the rest of it is, well..not real. 

Below is a link to with some tips on picking gold to flatter any skin tone.


Post on picking excellent costume jewelry to come!

!Oro es bueno!


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