Me Gusta Voluspa Candles

Voluspa candles are the best because they infuse your room with sophisticated nature and food inspired scents. They come in a variety of decorative containers and burn clean, that is to say without an overpowering, chemical or tawdry smelling scent. Which, in my opinion is the hallmark of a luxury candle.

I used to get the their travel sized candles in the $8-$10 dollar range, seeing as that I’m kind of poor. However, lately I’ve been stepping it up and getting their $30 15 oz Maison series candles. 

I feel like they offer the most value, last a long time and the lovely decorative container can be repurposed for all sorts of things. Lord knows I hate decorative items without a purpose.  

I currently have an empty Maison Blanc candle which doubles as a tampon holder. Its so annoying when you go to the bathroom and forget to bring a tampon. Que lastima!


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