Meet the Cast~Frank Astran

Meet Frank Astran Playing Richard in my theatre company’s production of FUBAR! 

Meet the Cast: Frank Astran

Frank Astran is a founding member of Last Metro Company and plays Richard in FUBAR.

What about Richard is different from you?

Richard will allow himself to journey into the world of prescription drugs, no matter where that takes him.  I hate taking anything stronger than Advil! I guess it’s a control thing.

What is similar?

I would say we both like to be the center of attention.

What do you hope people will take away from the show when they see it?

That things are not always black and white. It’s the grey areas where I think we all live or should explore more often. Nothing is entirely good or bad. It’s a journey and half the journey is trying not to box ourselves in.

And now about you: when and where did you first start acting?

I would have to say a musical in elementary school. I was just in the chorus. I was a cowboy. I dropped my gun and had to go after it. That moment was like 2 seconds, but I was mortified. I was pretty sure the whole world was watching. I don’t even remember the name  of the show or what grade I was in.

What’s your favorite vice?

Eating Pizza while watching America’s Next Top Model.

If you weren’t living in Los Angeles where would you live?

Chicago (if it didn’t snow), New York (if it didn’t snow and my mom was there), Italy (if my whole family would move with me).


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