Amazing Yard Sale

Some people up the street are having an amazing yard sale. I decided to help them spread the word since it seems like they have had some trouble selling some of the items they have on display.  I’m sure they would be willing to negotiate some bargain basement prices due to the difficult market.  

Here are some of the items for sale (note this is not a complete list)

toilet: not sure of the working condition. Will for sure need a good cleaning, so they can probably take off the price for that.

old mattress: better than the bare floor this mattress is large enough for two people and maybe an animal. I can definitely say first hand that it will need cleaning because my dog has peed on it while we were out on a walk.  Nature’s Miracle should work.

some sort of 1970’s floral print table top item: this is the most versatile item of the bunch. Inexpensive playmat for a toddler, avant-garde wall hanging or fashionably gauche floor level table, this piece will need some cleaning as well, but nothing a little 409 can’t handle. 

There is the small possibility that I have mislabeled this yard sale and it is actually an art installation.  If so, I will get back to you soon about donations and gallery hours.  


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